Flag of India

India first competed in the IOL in 2009, and has competed in 10 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2018. They have sent 56 participants in 14 teams.

In competition, teams from India have brought home 17 medals (2 gold, 5 silver, and 10 bronze), 8 best-solution prizes, and 10 honorable mentions.

In addition, India has sent 3 Repeat Medalists to the Hall of Fame.

Team India is chosen through the Panini Linguistics Olympiad.

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2018 Gold Rujul Gandhi India Saffron
2018 Gold Angikar Ghosal India Saffron
2018 Silver Aparna Ajit Gupte India Green
2017 Silver Chinmaya Kausik India Saffron
2013 Silver Yash Sinha India
2012 Silver Sagar Sarda India
2009 Silver Aakanksha Sarda India
2018 Bronze Pranava Dhar India Green
2018 Bronze Shinjini Ghosh India Saffron
2017 Bronze Chirag C. D India Green
2016 Bronze Aalok Sathe India Saffron
2015 Bronze Aalok Sathe India Green
2015 Bronze Samvida Sudheesh Venkatesh India Saffron
2014 Bronze Anindya Sharma India
2014 Bronze Rajan Dalal India
2013 Bronze Nilai Sarda India
2012 Bronze Yash Sinha India

Honorable Mentions

Year Name Team
2017 Rujul Gandhi India Green
2017 Sagnik Anupam India Saffron
2017 Angikar Ghosal India Saffron
2017 Shardul Chiplunkar India Saffron
2015 Abhishek Mohan Dedhe India Green
2015 Saujas Srinivasa Vaduguru India Saffron
2015 Sesh Raghav Sadasivam India Saffron
2013 Prachatos Mitra India
2012 Surya Narayanan Hari India
2011 Sagar Sarda India

Best Solutions

Year Number Name Team
2018 2 Aparna Ajit Gupte India Green
2018 4 Rujul Gandhi India Saffron
2018 5 Angikar Ghosal India Saffron
2017 1 Angikar Ghosal India Saffron
2014 3 Anindya Sharma India
2013 5 Nilai Sarda India
2012 2 Yash Sinha India
2009 3 Aakanksha Sarda India