Flag of Sweden

Sweden first competed in the IOL in 2007, and has competed in 12 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2018. They have sent 75 participants in 19 teams.

In competition, teams from Sweden have brought home 9 medals (2 silver and 7 bronze), 1 gold trophy, 1 best-solution prize, and 5 honorable mentions.

In addition, Sweden has sent 2 Repeat Medalists to the Hall of Fame.

The Swedish team is chosen through the Lingolympiad.

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2018 Silver Emil Ingelsten Sverige Blå
2014 Silver Hampus Erik David Lane Sweden 2
2018 Bronze David Avellan-Hultman Sverige Blå
2017 Bronze Emil Ingelsten Sweden Blå
2016 Bronze Amanda Elon Kann Sweden
2016 Bronze David Avellan-Hultman Sweden
2016 Bronze Emil Ingelsten Sweden
2014 Bronze Emma Kristina Johansen Sweden 1
2013 Bronze Jacob Karlsson Lagerros Sweden Gul

Honorable Mentions

Year Name Team
2018 Arvid Lunnemark Sverige Gul
2017 Nicole Hedblom Sweden Gul
2014 Oskar Julius Berndal Sweden 2
2013 Lovisa Helmius Sweden Blå
2010 Karin Sonesson Sweden

Team Contest Winners

Year Trophy Team
2016 gold Sweden

Best Solutions

Year Number Name Team
2016 3 David Avellan-Hultman Sweden